Dalam proses rekrutmen tenaga kerja, PT. AEON Fantasy Indonesia tidak memungut biaya atau jaminan apapun kepada kandidatnya.Mohon untuk selalu berhati-hati terhadap tindakan penipuan yang mungkin terjadi.

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Characters Information

Lala is a little squirrel known for her bushy tail and white flower on her chest. Her birthday falls on 21st of March.

Interest: playing with her friends
Special Talent: singing and dancing
Favorite Food: strawberries and mokomoko


Aeo is a young earnest and smart cat with yellow and blue stripes.

Interest: adventure
Special Talent: able to hear a distant sound


Pitant is a little introverted snail. He is skilled at inventing or repairing machines.

Interest: observing things closely
Special Talent: create new things


Panbit is a rabbit that looks like a Panda. Panbit loves to eat and although he is laid back, he is very good at cooking.

Interest: making and eating delicious food
Special Talent: able to bounce on its belly and bottom
Favorite Food: anything delicious